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Here at Von Riles Kennels we focus on the entire structure of the rottweiler, that’s why we have selectively gone across the world to acquire the offsprings of some of the best rottweiler's in the world. Our pups come from all hall of fame studs. International champion studs with three Shutzhund titles, IPO titles and many more working titles.

In keeping with the FCI standards as well as the AKC standard, here at Von Riles Kennels we have a standard as well. To be a responsible breeder, focusing on health, temperament and conformation. We go further by putting an emphasis on large bone substance for males, massive heads, massive chests, straight top lines, girth and well proportioned bodies.

We look for the masculine males, even though some breeders like the smaller, thinner weight rotts. We prefer the big boys that are correct in type. The rottweiler's that a lot of German style show judges prefer. The kind of rotts that will make your friends say “wow” about the massive structure.

Our females have to be well put together. The head of our females are broad between the ears, correct in body type and strong bones. The same regimine is given as the males, except on a feminine level. We here at Von Riles Kennels believe the female is the foundation of the rott pup. You can have a great looking male but if he is not supported by the solid foundation of a female, you may not get what you are looking for in the long run.

All of our rotts are European bloodlines: Germany, Hungary and Yugo. We believe in the rigorous breeding programs in these countries, thus we bring them to you, the rottweiler lovers, like ourselves.

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