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Mauser of Nicola's Lion

JR 726152 Rw

Zews of Nicola's Lion

AKC DNA #V822276

Vom Hause Wenorra Future MIO
AKC DNA#V674460
Kambera "of Nicola's Lion"
JR 719436 Rw

Fanta "of Nicola's Lion"

JR 722021 RW

Fantom Della Vl Di Noto
Fedra "of Nicola's Lion"
AKC DNA #V668524
Citra Srpski Lav

AKC DNA #V828289

Jero V. Moserbear

AKC DNA #V772222

AKC DNA #V516631
Aksa V. Moserbear
NHSB 2657243

Beauty Queen II

AKC DNA #V817404

Alibaba of Nicola's Lion
JR 718233 Rw
Astoria Crorott Pride

JR 723139 Rw

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